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SpeedAff was founded in 2013 by two guys with a lot of experience from gaming who both realized that the World would be a much better place if regular people, just as themselves, could get the opportunity to change their life’s with affiliation.

Probably this would never happen if it weren’t for these two guys. They both believed so hard in the idea of giving everyone a decent chance in life to make something more of it. They realized that if they just shared their knowledge and network and helped people with the startup it would be possible to get them started. And they were so right.

Education is an important thing when it comes to making money. However, being educated is not equal having an academic background; it means you have knowledge of something and most important knowing how to turn that knowledge into money.
What the founders of this website realized was that they have to simplify all processes to get a wider range of people understanding how to do it. As a matter of fact, the founders themselves have no education and that is why they want to share this to other people. To show you that everything’s possible.

Each individual has the opportunity to try something different with our model of work. The idea is created in a way so that nobody can say that they could not proceed because this and that. It takes about ten minutes to get your website connected with deals to all the gaming companies for the cost of $29.

Decision is yours.

Affiliation can definitely change your life in a good way. You might end up as a millionaire or just with a few hundred dollars extra spending money every month, time will tell. What we do know for sure is that our network of existing affiliates all appreciates the easiness of our setup and services and that they´re all earning money they did not earned before, and for that we are proud.

Focus on the right things. If you decide to do this you will get everything you´ll need in a few minutes. After that we only have one piece of advise, start promoting your website everywhere. Just because you have your own affiliate site does not mean you will make a bunch of money, people still have to visit it.

For us it´s important that everybody who wants to can get their own website. If you find something tricky in the start up process we will be there answering your questions.
All our affiliates are doing the same thing in our “Questions” area, so feel free to ask your questions there as well. Remember, we share everything.

Our Crazy Skills

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WordPress 75%