What is affiliation all about?

Affiliation Simplified – That is what SpeedAff is all about!

Our goal is to teach you as much as possible about affiliation, while at the same time helping you to get started quickly. There are plenty of ways to make money online, and we can give you our word on that gaming affiliation definitely is one of the absolutely easiest ones. We want to teach you how to build your own affiliate project, to give you a basic idea of how the gaming & affiliate business works, in order for you to achieve good results.

The by far most popular method of getting into the affiliation business has always been through some sort of promotion. By promoting online gaming sites and services through your affiliate site, you generate traffic and new potential customers, and in return they will share some of their profits with you. It’s collaboration where everyone involved wins. Online gaming companies pay contractors like yourself large sums of money in order for you to help them get in contact with new customers or players for their services. It’s really that simple.

As your affiliate projects grow larger and more successful, you’ll be granted access to even better offers from the online gaming sites. Once you’ve managed to become a somewhat established name on the market, the gaming companies will start to contact you on their own. They’ll try to compete with the other companies that wants to be seen and promoted on your projects. They may for example give you money in order for their brand to have a more visible spot on your frontpage.


Reward Models

When promoting sites & services within the casino & gaming business, you’ll get to learn that there mainly are two different reward models that are used the most; CPA (Cost Per Action) and Revenue Share. CPA deals are all about you getting a set amount of money for each player & customer that you generate for the gaming sites. One can thus say that CPA deals are more beneficial as a short-term solution, when you’re new in the business and you need a quick injection of money into your affiliate projects. Revenue share is more of a long-term reward model, where you instead of getting that set amount of money for each new customer, you get a set percentage of the money that the customer/player generates on the gaming site, in perpetuity

The advantages of the above-mentioned reward models differ widely, so you should really think through your decision. A smart tip is to try and find out what types of players you will mainly target the. If you plan to attract small players, with smaller budgets (player w hich is looking for evening entertainment) it’s probably a CPA deal the right way to go. If instead you planned to target on the major players, so you should of course go for a more long term solution, in the form of revenue share. But ultimately, the decision is yours. If you still have trouble making your selection, do not hesitate to contact SpeedAff’s team, we will help you with the feedback you need, completely free of course.

Our role in it all?

It is here that SpeedAff comes into the picture. Since we are already an established player in the market, we have already very favorable deals with the major gaming sites, and we are more than willing to share them to you! We give you access to the best deals, along with a completed site concept with themes, links and graphics. You do not use more than a few minutes of your valuable time to join us in taking a big step above the start threshold where the majority of the beginners in affiliate stuck. With our help, you do not start at the bottom of the food chain, we use our collective size to get better and better affiliate deals. It is the power behind SpeedAff.

So how do you get started?

Now you know how people in this business get paid, then it only remains to learn why some people are more successful than others.

We often say that there are two main factors at play, for you to become a successful affiliate:
Profitable business and a good website. Both of these factors, you can achieve through SpeedAff.

Choose a theme that suits you, take advantage of our affiliate erbjudandenkan and follow our guides, then you started with a full-fledged affiliate projects in one day.

As you might imagine, the whole thing with affiliation nothing new, and the competition can sometimes be tough. To people who surf around on the Internet to notice your affiliate sites, so you need to ensure that they are seen. You do this by getting links to your affiliate site from other, larger sites. It can either be done through changes of links (you can place on their site in the form of links, they get nothing in return by you), or it can be purchased through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) forums. Our recommendation for absolute beginners is to purchase a little SEO materials (links, exposure in social media) online, to get started quickly.

You will learn the foundation of how the internet works, and it is knowledge that you will have incredibly great use for the Internet entrepreneur.

We at SpeedAff is proud to offer people an opportunity to change the lives overall. For only $ 29 per month, you get your own affiliate projects, with an affiliate site filled with competitive offerings.

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