Share our concept with others!

We’re interested in getting people to share our idea and product with their friends, and basically with everybody else. As a company that specializes in affiliation, we’d be stupid not to hand you a piece of the profit, when you chose to promote our services.

By recruiting new affiliates to SpeedAff, you will get a cut on their monthly payments. The more people you recruit, the higher percentage you’ll get. Very simple.

So, assume that you bring up to 5 people who register with us, that will leave you with 10% of their monthly payments, meaning $29*5*0,10= $14,5 every month.

If you bring us more than 10 people who register with us, you get even more. At this level we pay 30% of their monthly payments which will be like this: $29*10*0,3= $87 every month.

Last step in our affiliate program is 55% and that require at least 20 registered members. It will be paid out like this: $29*20*0,55= $319 every month.

Start promoting us today, and let us share our success!

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