What kind of deals?

We would not have been successful if we would not have been offering our affiliates the greatest deals. We know that if you can get better paid directly from the gaming company we will loose you in our network, and that is why we need to stay competitive.
Sometimes we are asked why it´s so hard for individuals to get as great deals as they get from us, and the answer to that question is simple. Because volume is power.
Our network of affiliates is huge and this obviously gives us better chances when negotiating our deals, but remembers that we´re not negotiating our deals but yours.

We offer two types of payment models: CPA or Revenue share.

What is a CPA deal?

It´s the easiest model to understand as you are getting paid an amount for every player who register and deposit money to the site. Please note that you will not receive your CPA if your player only register an account, he or she has to make a deposit.

We offer CPA deals starting at €80 up to €200 depending on brand.

What is Revenue share deal?

Definitely more complicated and more risk but the upside can also be much better compared to a CPA deal.
You will receive exact data from us of how your players are doing on the gaming site, some will win and some will loose. On a revenue share deal you will get paid between 25-45% of your players losses. For example, you bring one player in to William Hill and he looses €1000, then you will get your percentage, lets say 35% of those €1000.

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

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