Templates you can choose between

Which template should I use?

This is a very important step for you. When you choose your template you have got to consider that you will live with this site hopefully for a very long time, and so will your players. Therefore we strongly recommend our affiliates to think twice before taking the decision. The questions below might be helpful for you in this process:

– What skills does the specific template require? Do I have these?
– Is the template supporting my business idea?
– Is there a chance that my target group of players is likely to appreciate a specific template more than another?
– If I were a player, would I understand the concept and how to register?
– Are certain templates easier than others from a player´s point of view?
– Will I be able to achieve my goals with this template? Short-term and long term.

These are all very important questions that we suggest you consider before you take your final decision. Keep in mind that instead of using two months of creating your own website, it´s decently worth taking a few extra minutes to consider your options.

Below you can find short information about each template

Casino template 1
This we would say is a template for people who are new to websites and affiliation. The template is strait forward and very easy to navigate, both as player and an administrator. If you are looking for a clean and easy website this is it.

Casino template 2
If you have experience from websites before you should definitely go for this more advanced template. It requires some extra skills but you wont be disappointed when you see the extra additional features. Please note that even if you do not have the required skills you can easily try it and learn everything from our forums!